Ruben Nunez, President & COO

Ruben Nunez is an aerospace engineer and a serial technical entrepreneur with a passion for space. He is a co-founder of KARMAN, Inc. a corporation dedicated to developing technologies that facilitate space-diving, while also advancing technologies in parallel cognitive robotics. He is also the founder of Earthrise Space Foundation, Inc., a corporation dedicated to providing students with hands-on experience building spacecraft and spacecraft systems. ESF also focuses on providing recurring lunar payload delivery services and furthermore, creating technologies for commercial space transportation systems that focus on landing and operating on the lunar surface and other astronomical bodies through low cost, off-the-shelf reliable commercial space products and support services.

Ruben has experience managing, designing and implementing projects involving space technologies. He started managing projects of this type during his early years of college through the Florida Space Academy Program, the Stephen Hawking Microgravity Education and Research Center, and the Google Lunar XPRIZE. In addition, he has managed and implemented $3M+ science grants targeting inquiry based learning activities while integrating technology with the Florida Department of Education. 

In October 2010, Ruben led Earthrise to obtain a $10M Innovative Lunar Demonstrations Data Contract (ILDD) with NASA. The ILDD acquisition involves the delivery of data associated with the design of lunar spacecraft and demonstration of an end-to-end lunar landing mission including: hardware design, development and testing; ground operations and integration; launch, trajectory correction maneuvers, and lunar braking burn; lunar landing; and other enhanced capabilities. 

In October 2013, the Rising Star in Technology Congressional Award was presented to Mr. Nunez by Congressman Bill Posey in recognition of the impact, influence and work that has resulted in significant success and benefit to the regional technology community. 

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